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1242 Stargazing Tours
A love affair of stars and wine

At Stargazing 1242 we're passionate about quality and that goes for our wine, our menu and of course our stargazing tours. We do all we can to provide you with a high quality service; from the quality of the champagne cava you'll receive at sunset to the intense knowledge, passion and experience of our astronomy team. Not to mention we've invested in some of the best equipment on the island, so you're sure to get the very best view the'll never feel closer to the stars! What else sets us apart is the stunning location of the vineyard where you can enjoy delicious food, watch the stars in comfort, and as the sun goes down and it starts to get cold outside, warm up by the fire with a glass of our very own wine, pressed on site. All our food is sourced locally and cooked with love by our in-house chef. 

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